Tabla tuition

Learning Tabla

Jason kalidas studied Tabla for 10 years before learning melodic music, Jason is available  give Tabla lessons as well as Bansuri.

This highly rewarding and challenging instrument is often regarded as the acme of all percussion, it can mimic melody and is deeply expressive. Tabla can fit well into many musical genres and is a solo instrument as well as accompaniment. Practicing Tabla can be very enjoyable and there is no end to the repertoire available. The music of Tabla gives a very thorough understanding of rythm.

As Raaga is the science of melody Talla is the science of rhythm and Indian music has gone to the same incredible depths in beats as it has in tones!

Tabla is taught in the traditional North indian classical method. It uses a system of rhythmic cycles rather then ‘bars’ which at first may seem  bit alien compared to the  western standard it is in fact way more natural and easier to grasp. Hence is you are a beginner this is a great way to get to grips with rythm.

Students will need there own set of Tabla and a minimum of 30 mins a day practice.

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