Commitment and Cost of Learning

To not waste your time please take in the flowing information :

Bansuri may look simple to play in the hands of an accomplished musician, but it is far from being an easy instrument to learn. To embark on this journey you should really love the sound of it and have a strong will to learn. If you just want to learn an instrument in general and are wanting to give Bansuri a go just because it seems quite simple and highly portable then it may not be for you. But if have a passion for the sound of it and really love the idea of being able to play it then it is absolutely worth the effort. The rewards it gives in enriching ones  life are huge.

You will need plenty of time to practice. If you are in full time work/ study then 20 mins per day and then a couple hours at the weekends minimum. If you have more spare time then the more practice you do the quicker  you will arrive at the point of actually playing beautiful music.


In person lessons are £30 for an hours private tuition or a discounted rate of £105 for a block of 4 paid in advance is also available.

It is recommended to have a class once per week but bi-weekly is OK if you are very busy. You can film many exercises ( or even the whole session ) in the lessons for home practice.

Skype lessons

£25 for 45 minutes lessons or £95 for block of 4

Skype lessons have a few minor disadvantages compared to in person lessons. For the obvious reasons of sound not being the same as in person. But Skype is just as good for learning new material, exercises and music

Complete beginners wishing to learn by Skype will need at least two lessons in person to start off. Those with prior experience in Bansuri can begin on Skype straight away.

Low incomes

Students and those on very low incomes can discuss with Jason about discounted rates.

Buying an instrument

You will definitely need a high quality Bansuri made by a proper Bansuri maker and not a cheap toy type bamboo flute. Bansuri’s need to be made from excellent bamboo and tuned by an expert. Learning will be impeded if you try to learn on a low standard flute. Luckily high quality Bansuri’s are inexpensive instruments and nothing like the cost of violins or metal flutes etc.

Jason has a small batch of high quality Bansuri flutes that he has made by an artisan maker in North India. It is very hard to find good quality Bansuri’s in UK and Europe, and even in India for that matter! These are available from him on request and from this website. IMG_3059