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Jason has a small batch of high quality Bansuri flutes that he has made by an artisan maker in India using the finest well seasoned Bamboo from the deep jungles of Assam. All flutes are carefully checked and personally imported to UK by Jason Kalidas. These are professional quality instruments sold here. ‘Professional’ does not mean they are not suitable for beginners, in fact its even more important as a beginner to have a good quality Bansuri! Bansuri’s are very inexpensive instruments compared to violins, sitars etc so its easy to afford the best quality. Cheap sub standard flutes will only create problems in learning. Bansuri’s

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Bansuri is mostly perfomred in Key of E because of being large enough for good bass tones but not too uncomfortable to play like low D and C Bansuri’s which are quite huge ! Beginners are advised to start between A# and G. Please feel free to chat about the best key for you: Contact on Whattsapp ( preferable ) +447957296468 or call direct on same number or email

Bansuri In E
Close up of Bansuri in key of G