Bansuri lessons

Winter/ spring 2022. 

Jason gives lessons in London, Algarve Portugal and Varanasi India.

Or online via Skype/ Zoom  

Please feel free to call  or whattsapp/telegram for more information

            +44 (0) 7927 948788‬ 

Videos of the teacher in concert :

About Bansuri playing  in general:

Bansuri is one of the most simple instruments in structure yet has endless musical possibilities. As well as Indian music the Bansuri can be used in almost any genre. Bansuri is a highly portable instrument and perfect for playing alone as well as in groups.

Bansuri is taught by Jason Kalidas (from Varanasi Gharana of Bansuri in North Indian music methodology and can be taken at any level including complete beginners.

For absolute beginners in music the Indian system is a more natural and clear way to learn. In comparison to western music Indian music begins from the very basics of sound and works up, giving minimal theory until necessary.

Some testimonials from students;

       “Jason is a natural teacher and his Skype lessons are packed with useful tips, structured exercises and some inspired playing. Being at a distance isn’t a problem at all and we have played duets and call/response very easily. My practice has come on a great deal and that wouldn’t have been possible without the lesson”. -Stuart Thorn ,London

         “I highly recommend Jason as a teacher of the Bansuri. Lessons are relaxed and fun, and I have come a long way. We meet up on Skype and even though I was on a slow  broadband connection I was still able to learn”.  Pete Townsend, Bedford

            “Learning Bansuri with Jason has been the perfect balance of theory & practice. I’ve learnt so much from him & although my lessons are over Skype I haven’t ever felt at a disadvantage. He’s always committed to pushing me towards a more professional standard & encouraging me to stretch myself beyond what I can already do”.   Avnish Pankhania, London 

To obtain a high Quality Bansuri please visit my ETSY SHOP or message above number with any questions.

More info on Jason kalidas please visit the main site

More about Bansuri:

Made from a single length of strong Bamboo, Bansuri’s are very simple in structure but are capable of reaching the height of musical expression and virtuosity. With a sound like a call to the divine, the Bansuri’s tone brings so much joy to listeners and players alike that even just one continuous note is delightful to hear.

An instrument used mainly for north Indian classical music it easily incorporates into many kinds of western music etc. Indian Bamboo flutes where originally  smaller folk instruments until around 80 years ago. Much longer, lower pitched flutes were developed by Pandit Pannalal Ghosh and have since then been used to play north Indian classical Ragas.

Bansuri is a very rewarding instrument to play if you are willing to spend the time practicing. It is a highly sort after instrument and listeners are always delighted to get to hear its evocative tones . Bansuri is a wonderful aid to stillness and meditation, even if one doesn’t wish to perform at all, it brings so much peace and stillness to just play alone or share the sound with friends.

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42 thoughts on “Bansuri lessons”

  1. Hello Jason, could you please recommend me the right flute for beginners? I know that there are different tuns, which one do I need to buy C, B or something else? Thank you.
    I will contact you for the lessons when I buy the flute.

  2. Hi Jason I would like to learn flute.
    What’s the best way to learn.
    And do you have any lessons class in Leeds ?

  3. Hi Jason.
    I’m interested in buying a bansuri. Do you sell them?
    Thank you.

  4. Hi Jason,

    I was wondering if you were already in India, or are you still in London? Interested in flute lessons in London. Thanks.

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